Enough With The Windy Weekends - Sand Bay

I am completely over these windy weekends...
I had planned to do a trip around Long Island in Back Bay, and I even got out on the water early, to beat the wind building. When I got to Little Island, it was pretty windy, but according to the forecast, that was about supposed to be it 15MPH. Well the forecast for 10 to 13 MPH winds was wrong, the actuals were in the 18+ range with gusts to 30+.

Coming out of the launch was a little rough but not bad, I had planned for that, and headed for the lee of the island. The paddle down was nice, but not a whole lot of activity, along the shore, with either the plants or animals. As I was approaching the Southern end of the island, I noticed that the wind hat built up an bit from what I had at the launch, and figured that continuing around the island would be a bad thing (I listened to that little voice). I made the turn which was lot of fun, and one of those times where I really miss having a rudder, fighting the wind and waves. If you look at the the 2 plots at the bottom of the pictures, the overall trip was counter-clockwise. On the return after my initial turn, the bow was pointed due North, but I ended up about half mile West of where I intended to go, because of the wind. When I got to the North end of the island, there was a guy out there windsurfing, and I was jealous, very jealous.

Coming back in to the launch area, I was riding some decent sized wind driven swells almost all the way back, and actually coasted the final 20 or so yards. At the launch were a couple of people getting ready to launch a canoe, it looked as if it had seen better days, I told them about the conditions, and I asked them if they were sure about this, they said they had done it before, and began to launch the canoe. The canoe and not traveled its distance before they dumped it. I recommended that they head over to Ashville Bridge Creek, a lot smoother, and more to see. They took that advice. Then there was the "Eco Tour" getting ready to leave, I did not stick around for the mayhem that I am sure ensued, but I am sure those 15-20 people got a real positive first experience in a kayak, BTW that was sarcasm.

Sorry there are only a couple of pictures of the launch site, the third one kind of gives you an idea of what the bay was like, but the conditions were not really conducive to photography, and BTW after my trip I went and picked up the lens for my camera, and it is all better...

Date Launch Site Distance Photos
05/03/2008 Little Island Kayak Canoe Launch 6.10 5
LIttle Island Launch (Kayak Virginia Beach Images © Paul Perusse)
The last several visits I have made here there would be very little water in this picture, a strong South wind kind of changes things

LIttle Island Launch (Kayak Virginia Beach Images © Paul Perusse)
A view of the Little Island launch

White caps on Back Bay (Kayak Virginia Beach Images © Paul Perusse)
This is a picture of Back Bay when I launched, it got worse then it looks in this picture. I was going to take a picture when I got back, but I got distracted.

Kayak Virginia Beach Images © Paul Perusse

Topographic Map 05/03/2008 (Kayak Virginia Beach Images © Paul Perusse)
After the initial turn, I kept the bow of the boat pointed at the launch, and this gives an idea of the how much the wind pushed me to the East/Right. Had it been calmer the line on the right would have been relatively straight.

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