Easter Shakedown - North Landing River

It is time to get back in shape...
I made a couple of adjustments to the boat, seat and pegs, I need to figure out if it is me or the kayak, it seems that the pegs are just a little off, but it could be my shoes or just the way I was sitting. It bothered me for maybe the first quarter to half mile, after that it seemed okay.

Wanted to see how the kayak would behave in a little more open and deeper water, and it did well. I noticed heading into the wind, that the small wind chop no longer made noise against the hull like it did with the Tsunami.

I do need to adjust to not having a rudder, and proper use of the skeg, I have that under control, I was not really using the rudder to steer, maybe a quarter of the time. The issue comes from the time I would rely on the rudder that I have to adjust to. I also need to get used to the Werner Shuna Neutral Bent Shaft paddle, so far the only thing is I need to work out what is best for me, I have been switching between 45 and 60 degrees, not sure which is best for me (Maybe 52.5).

THe boat handles great, and it was great on that nice long stretch of relatively straight river. The tracking is awesome, I could line up on a point on the shore, and just paddle without any drift.

I feel good, I did 4.15 miles in an hour and three minutes, not bad since I have barely been out in the last 6 months, but I think/know I can do better...

BTW I have a Necky Elaho 16 for sale, if you are looking for one let me know. It is a good kayak, just a little to small for me...

Date Launch Site Distance Photos
03/23/2008 Old Pungo Ferry Road Small Boat Launch 4.15 3
Capella on the beach (Kayak Virginia Beach Images © Paul Perusse)
My new boat on the beach at Old Pungo Ferry Road

Capella on the beach (Kayak Virginia Beach Images © Paul Perusse)
Another view of the Capella... I do need to fix the image scale routines here, this and the next are the same image..

Capella on the beach better resolution (Kayak Virginia Beach Images © Paul Perusse)
Another view of the Capella... This image scaled in iPhoto, looks good but thumb looks bad

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