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Today I was planning on doing a quick run in the kayak up and around Munden Point, before the weather got nasty, but that was not to be. The weather was supposed to be nice in the morning, and warming up all day with increasing temps (70) and building wind 25+ and a chance of rain on the afternoon. I did the usual Saturday thing, check the reports and logs from work generated overnight, minor issues. So I was getting the kayak ready and loaded on the truck, and that is when all the little things that say stop and change your plans started to happen. The kayak just would not settle into the rack right, had trouble finding this and that, like everything was conspiring against me to not go. Finally ready to leave, and an error pops up on the blackberry, authentication failure, which is a bad thing when all your big weekend processes are ready to fire off in 10 minutes. Quick call to W. who happens to be taking care of some stuff, gets the problem resolved. So the systems are happy, I am happy, and I hop in the truck and away I go, but not so fast... Tree trimming day on a busy 2 lane road, can back up traffic real bad, add to that they were only letting about 10 cars at a time through, then all of a sudden it seems like they change their mind and let all the traffic from the opposite direction through, then comes the Virginia Beach Police Dept., and the Bomb Squad.

The rest of the drive down is great, very little traffic... I am happy again...

Get in to the park and I notice something I have never seen before, the windmill is turning, look out at the river, and it looks nasty windy, and the marshes across the river are burning. Still not a problem, I can take the kayak up Oakum Creek well protected, and lots of places to go when the water is up like it was, but as I pull into the parking lot, I see caution tape at the dock, so I decide to go down and take a look and see if the bank is okay to launch from, nope that is taped off also so they can rebuild the dock. Meanwhile the wind increases rapidly, blows my hat off, and it does not hit the ground for 15 yards...

The voices win...

Date Launch Site Distance Photos
01/21/2006 0.00 0

02/16/2020 07:21:36 PM

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