Milldam Creek

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Milldam Creek

Milldam creek, is a roadside launch located in Southern Virginia Beach on Blackwater road. I have not launched from here, but have been by here several times on the road, once by kayak, and have fished from the bridge on occasion. You should be able to launch from either side of the bridge, and from what I have seen both sides are about equal.

Once in the water you have two choices of environments to paddle in, to the East is open and primarily a grassy marsh, and to the West is narrow in a wooded marsh.

The creek through grassy marsh to the West is wider, with small stands of cypress, and many small tributaries to explore, and if you are looking for a longer trip this would be the way to go. The creek continually gets wider as you approach the North Landing River, which is about 2 miles downstream. You can also be creative if the water level is high enough, and do one of 2 loops. Both of which can be found by looking at satellite pictures of the area.

Heading West up the creek, is wooded marsh, with fewer and smaller tributaries, the creek on this side narrows to about 20 to 30 feet, and as you get further up the creek, about a mile or so, you will be required to navigate your kayak around fallen trees and other debris.

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