Mackay Island National Wildlife Refuge

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Mackay Island National Wildlife Refuge is located on the Western side of Knotts Island in North Carolina. The launch site is a small gravel ramp located at the Dike Gate, on the main refuge road. The ramp is marked by a post with a white and orange stripe at the top of the post.

The refuge itself is subject to closure for various reasons throughout the year, in order to facilitate the wildlife that the refuge is there to protect, the majority of Mackay Island is closed from October 16th through March 14th to reduce the disturbance of wintering waterfowl, this closure includes all of the waterways in the refuge. So in the event of a closure of the refuge, you have a couple of possible alternate locations, Brumley Road on Knotts Island, Munden Point Park Virginia Beach, and Princess Anne Wildlife Management Area.

To get to the refuge, take Princess Anne Road South, it is quite a haul, shortly after crossing the VA/NC border, you will see a sign for the refuge office, this is not where you need to be, keep driving. After crossing the causeway, the main road makes a hard curve to the right, about a half mile after that you will come to the gas station - mini-mart, make a right. Follow the road for about a mile, and you will see the sign for the refuge. The road is gravel, and pretty much one lane, the speed limit is 15MPH. You can park on the side of the road just about anywhere, as long as you are not obstructing traffic or blocking gates.

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