Lovitts Landing

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What can I say about "Lovitts Landing, it is a great place to set out from if you're looking to explore the middle of Back Bay. The launch site it self is pretty primitive, the ramp is made of submerged telephone poles, that can be slippery. The bank of the channel that parallels the road looks doable, but the is a lot of junk there so I usually avoid it, and use the ramp.

Once in the water head North to the main channel, and make a wide right, there is some submerged trees or pilings, at the turn. You will be in this channel for just under a mile, and once aging you should avoid cutting the corners tight because it can get to shallow. After you get to Back Bay, the shoreline and islands/marsh straight ahead and to the right are the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Get a good bearing of where you are, or set a waypoint on your GPS, because when you return it can be difficult to find the channel entrance.


The best thing I can tell you is to get to the general area, use the google map link, as there are several ways to get here, but most are going to bring you in from the North. As you get close you will go over the Beggars Bridge Creek bridge, on the east side of the road will be a boat shed, about 100 yards past that, there will be a wide gravel/dirt shoulder stretching about 50+ yards, this is Lovitts Landing.

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