Lotus Garden Park, Virginia Beach

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Lotus Garden Park is a small roadside park on the south side of Sandbridge Road, operated by the Parks and Recreation Department of the city of Virginia Beach. This is usually my choice for a quick trip, as it is close by. There is parking available for 6 to 10 cars.

There are launch points on both sides of the road (Use caution crossing the road), I have not launched from the North side yet. Launching from South side is best accomplished in the area just to the right of the monument between the two small trees near the bridge. The bank is essentially vertical, so getting in almost like getting in from a low dock. Water depth in this area is about a foot. If you can see a sand bar in the middle of the creek, and walk out to it without getting your feet wet, you won't get far.

The trip down Ashville Bridge creek is really pleasant and relaxing. From here there are a couple of options. Out and back to to North Bay, about 2.5 miles each way, Muddy Creek is down about 1.25 miles, or the the loop, about 6 miles. To do the loop, head South from Lotus Garden Park, at the mouth of the creek, continue East to Hells Point Creek, and head up about 2 miles make a left, and about .75 miles later you'll be on the North side of the bridge you launched from.

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