Horn Point

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Horn Point

I have put off writing anything about this location for to long.

As far as location on Back Bay, this is a great place, with lots of options as far as conditions, destinations. Horn Point is located on the Western shore if the North Bay section of Back bay, just South of the mouths of Ashville Bridge Creek, and Hells Creek. The "old" launch is essentially a crude paved ramp at the end of Horn Point road, with some sand to the side. The main thing that has always kept me from launching here is the lack of parking, maybe one car, maybe 2 it is hard to tell. The times I have used this launch in the past were for pickup or drop off type of trips.

The new facility is a nice facility with parking for 9 vehicles plus 2 handicap spots, and as far as I know the only facility on the Western shore of Back bay with a restroom. Currently (7/16/2006) there is a gravel asphalt ramp on the canal near the entry road, it is unmarked, but it is right next to the power pole as you drive in. There is a sandbar at the mouth of the canal so if the water is much lower then in the picture above, this may not be an alternative, unless you want to do a 20 foot portage about 60 yards down stream. If you do use the canal, when you get to the bay head straight out through the opening in the pilings, there are a lot of submerged pilings as detailed in the photos.

The other alternative is to drop your boats at the old ramp and park in the parking lot and walk back its a short walk. I would currently advise against launching from the bay side of the facility, as it is all rock, brick, and other sharp hard construction debris.

As I understand it, there are plans to build a boardwalk, pier, or dock of some type to launch kayaks and canoes from. I am doing some research and trying to find out the status on this.

The facility is open sunrise to sunset 7 days a week, from April 1st to October 31st, and closed from November 1st through March 31st. The usual Wildlife rules and regulations apply, Swimming, Sunbathing, Surfing and other non wildlife dependent activities are prohibited, obey all post signs and regulations.

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Horn Point Launch Entrance Horn Point Launch Entrance Sign Road Into Facility Parking Lot View Entire Facility View to ramp Gravel launch ramp Bayside of the facility Bayside of the facility Back Canal Remnants of Hunt Club Bad place to kayak

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