Kayak Launch Sites

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This page contains information on launch sites I have used in the past, and/or use on a regular basis.

For each site I am providing a description of the area, photos of the launch site, links to map sites with directions, and the most recent conditions as of my last visit.

The City of Virginia Beach, through the Parks and Recreation Department maintains several small boat launches, that provide access to the majority of the waterways in the area. For the most part these launches are well maintained, and many have docks to make for easier access. These launch sites are free of charge and are usually open from sunrise to sunset.

The City of Chesapeake, provides 4 launch sites that I am aware of, 2 at Northwest River Park, one on The Dismal Swamp Canal, and 1 at the lock at great bridge. The launch sites at Northwest River Park, do not have docks, but do provide relatively easy access. The other 2 launch sites have dock and concrete ramps to support power boats. These launch sites are free of charge and are open 9am till sunset.

The Virginia Dept of Game and Inland Fisheries, provides several some have actual facilities, while others are nothing more then gravel ramp at the end of a road.

Along with the above are several "informal" launch sites, scattered throughout the area, which are essentially a place to park near accessible water.

To the best of my knowledge all the launch sites listed here are on publicly accessible land, but some of these locations are adjacent to private property.

Please follow any and all rules and regulations for such sites, and respect private property.

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