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Welcome to Kayak Virginia Beach.

KayakVB is a running account of my kayak trips in Southeast Virginia,The Eastern Shore and Northeast North Carolina. I'm providing a source of flat-water kayaking resources for the average paddler, based on my experiences in these waters. My trip reports consist of launch sites, GPS Tracks and maps, and photos linked to the GPS map location. I do try to get on the water at least once a week so, year around. I try to go to a different location every time, but I do tend to spend a lot of time on or around Back Bay Virginia.

One of the great things about living in Southern Virginia Beach, is that there are plenty of places to put a boat in the water within minutes. Once in the water you are short distance away from the peace and quiet afforded by the various preserves an and sanctuaries in the area. Back Bay, North Landing River, Northwest River, and the Great Dismal Swamp all either run through, adjoin, or are in or on one of the many Federal, State, or Private wildlife sanctuaries in the area.

If you have any comments, input or suggestions feel free to let me know.

The Freshwater Fishing Guide To Virginia Beach

If you are interested in kayak fishing in the Virginia Beach area, but don't know where to start, try the The Freshwater Fishing Guide To Virginia Beach

The Freshwater Fishing Guide To Virginia Beach

This site KayakPaddling.Net was sent to me by a reader of this site, has some nice animations of basic paddling technique. Thanks Rick

Latest Trips:

Ashville Bridge Creek, Horn Point - Last Shuttle Docks with ISS

West Neck Creek - Uncle Sam Makes Debut 1852

Ashville Bridge - North Carolina Ratifies the U.S. Constitution

Smiths Creek - First Transcontinental Telegraph 1861 - Chargers Disappoint

Northwest River - On the Road by Jack Kerouac published 1957

Back Bay - Kayleighs Birthday

Pocaty River - Joan of Arc Burned at the stake 1431

Windsor Castle Park - Muddy Waters Born 1915

Airfield Pond - 1727 Sir Isaac Newton Dies

Altons Creek - North Landing River - Barge Graveyard - 1933 Monopoly Invented

Launch Section Re-Write

I was doing a re-write of the launch site section, and it was too much code to rewrite considering my schedule, for more information head over to kayakvb.net and let me know your thoughts. Or just go to kayakplaces.com to see what the future holds.

Site News


I have not had the time to re-write what I have wanted to re-write, and I have found that my old image code is not playing nice with newer larger images, they really look like doo doo...
So going forward I have opted to use a sub-site trips.kayakvb.com, to deal with the trips, it is canned software, and allowed me to provide a better experience for the reader...
I will continue to build and maintain the launch site database here for the time being, but I also have ideas to improve that as well...


This whole re-write thing has been taking much longer then I originally planned, and things have changed so much I am thinking of dumping what I have done and starting over. I have made some updates on the launch site pages, I dumped the yahoo maps for google maps, and added a link to get google directions for the launch sites. I added another 7 launches yesterday, and looking at it I have really expanded the scope of the site, so I am thinking of restructuring the whole thing and putting more effort into my other site kayakva.com. kayakvb will not go away, just re-focused to VB or hamptonroads

Current Weather Conditions NAS Oceana

Places to paddle in Southeast Virginia:

Virginia Beach:

Back Bay, North Landing River, Ashville Bridge Creek, Pocaty River, West Neck Creek, Oakum Creek, False Cape, Drum Point, Horn Point, Little Island Park, Lotus Garden Park, Hell Creek, Munden Point, Mill Landing, Blackwater Creek, Alston's Creek, Owl Creek, Rudee Inlet, Princess Anne Wildlife Management Area, London Bridge Creek, Lynnhaven River, Milldam Creek, Pungo Ferry Road, Back Bay NWR, Lovitt's Landing


Northwest River, Smiths Creek, Indian Creek, Dismal Swamp NWR, Indian Creek

North Carolina:

Knott's Island, Tull Bay, Mackey Island NWR

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